Wednesday taking a look at my new place.

So today after work I went to look at some furniture that I am gonna buy from the person im taking over the appartment from, so I had the chance to see the appartment upclose!

So yea its a fairly big appartment, 3 rooms and quite spacious really nice and somehow I felt at ease there. It was like a calm set in i cant really explain it but it felt right.

Positive sides are:

1. big bedroom + pc room.

2. Spacious living area.

3. Guest bedroom that I can combine with a potential library we will see!

4. Alot of storage space like alot wich is really nice!

Everything is just coming together and I am happy I am not really rushing this, it just kinda happend!

2 more days left of this week, havent started packing stuff but will be starting next week atleast with the non essential stuff so that will be ready to be moved!


By Dan

Swedish, preschool teacher, learning more about life and myself every single day!

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