Saturday took a nice walk

So yea I been sleeping alot today to the point where my friend woke up earlier then me and thats not normally the case as I dont really sleep alot.. But yea I woke up had a shower and fell asleep (took a nap) and suddenly my friend was awake and walking around so yea great!

But it was fine we played some Mario party and then went to shop for food, for today and tomorrow and then after food we went for a nice walk (over 8km). In the town my friend live in there is this really nice trail that we now started walking.

I feel really energetic and motivated to go these walks and its just a casual walk and talk to boost our health!

I also came across a morning routine ima start doing next week to strenghen my muscles so maybe i can get even more healthy.

Gonna also order some new shoes for running and walking wich will help me get motivated to keep excercising more on a day to day basis.

Tomorrow is sunday and no real plan except cleaning, maybe go for that walk again and play some more Mario party!


By Dan

Swedish, preschool teacher, learning more about life and myself every single day!

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