Tuesday well yea i guess i found a new favorite song..

So yea today i finished the assignment i have for Thursday partly anyway gotta finish writing the script on why i picked these articles but thats almost done anyway so wont be to hard.

But today i wanna focus on actually talking about music and well how it does indeed affect the state of mind im in.

So for ages my favorite song have been the wolf by phildel:


and well its an amazing song and i still love it but its been pushed down by this:


And now today i came across a song that i connected once again with and i litterly couldnt stop listening to it for well over 5 hours, and i sang along with it several times.. sometimes songs just touch me in the most amazing way and i will always love music even tho i cant sing i still will keep doing it.

Anyway the number one song on my list right now is:


So now i look forward to tomorrow and we will see what that will bring.


By Dan

Swedish, preschool teacher, learning more about life and myself every single day!

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