Sunday i look at the world with clouded eyes.

So yea the past 3 days i been thinking alot about life and the world.

I dont think im the only one seeing the state our world is in currently and feels abit heart broken.

This might sound really tardy or corny but the current state of the world makes my heart and soul bleed. In the metaphorical sence.. the past 2 years i seen so many changes that just makes me sigh. I dont even know how many times i stated ” where is our world going” or “what is our world coming to” all i know is these types of comments have been said to often from my side.

I just feel like with everything going on with the pandemic, wars, people being shot, people being homeless, earthquakes, nature disasters, etc you name it. The world have turned from a colorful and vivid scene to a grey and clouded scene.

But i still am watching the world outside my window and try to see the small specs of colors that still fight the colorless aura trying to engulf everything!


By Dan

Swedish, preschool teacher, learning more about life and myself every single day!

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