Wednesday today i just wanna write…

So for the past few days with being dizzy and feeling quite helpless to say the least as i not been able to do anything cause of the world spinning.

But yes im still dizzy and even tho i try challenging it i still feel like i am being swallowed by the ground as it spins around.

But atleast it give me time to think and reflect on alot of things. Sadly my uni exams are being abit sat aside cause i cant focus on small text at all with this fun experience i have atm.

But yea i have been thinking and listening to music and light novels the past 2 days cause yea beddriven… I am starting to looking deeper inside of my head and how i truely am coping with this whole situation and well i am not coping well with it, in the longrun but i am reflecting on myself through the music and thoughts.

I look deep down into some thoughts of mine and the music affects me aswell, but tbh even tho the lyrics to some songs are “happy” i have noticed that i am affected more and more by the nonvocal songs as i myself get to feel what the song really symbolizes for me.

I am gonna dive deeper to find what have i locked away and release it cause i feel its time to move on towards something new.


By Dan

Swedish, preschool teacher, learning more about life and myself every single day!

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