Friday the second exam came back..

So in the mids of this world pandemic and no real social engagement currently being availible, i am atleast starting to see the finish line coming ever so close.

Soon this coming January of 2021 will mark 3 years since i took the step of starting my bachelor degree in younger kids education, this January also means the final and i mean final semester will start and the end is around the first week in June, it isnt much left and soon enough i hope to have my degree in my hand realising i survived 3 years of exams, new ways of thinking, met new people and friends. It has been a journey but it is soon over!

I also did get my second exam for the last subject back and i passed it! Now there is only 1 exam left for that subject and that result will come in around 2 weeks.. But it is just to tackle one subject at a time aswell as one exam at a time!

But now im gonna enjoy my weekend!


By Dan

Swedish, preschool teacher, learning more about life and myself every single day!

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