Wednesday a lecture about reading.

Today is Wednesday and it is lecture day about how to read and go inside what the books is trying to tell us and aswell as how we understand how to enter a books world and reflect at what is happening in the book. The teacher lifted that many of us want to know what awaits us inside the books just so we are prepared and have a understanding on what is happening in the book. I myself prefer to read the book the “first” time together with the kids without me being fully prepared about what is gonna happend. In this i mean i have already gone through the book but i have not “read” the book as in reading the text but i scanned over the images and a few rows of text just to see that it is a book i wanna share.

But yea i am not fully recovered yet but i feel better then before so today im using to get some extra rest in so i can go into work tomorrow with a new energy and excitment!

Now im calling it aday already with some episodes of some netflix serie and then sleep cause early start tomorrow after a week away from work.


By Dan

Swedish, preschool teacher, learning more about life and myself every single day!

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