Thursday i get to involved in the games i play..

So i gone back to playing Assassins creed Odyssey again and well i kinda dwell deep into my gamer persona when i play this game..

I think on how would this character react in the current situation and what is the best play.

Being an Assassins Creed game your objective is to ofcourse assassinate some targets that play a part in the story somehow.

But as i travel the historical green world i come across bounty hunters that i have the option to try recruit to join my ship OR kill them..

Francly sometimes even tho i do my best to recruit them i try knock them down and a rock or a cliff is in the way.. So they end up dead.

I also go abit crazy at points and try get 5 bounty hunters after me. Since that is a challenge to try and recruit all.

But if you played Assassins Creed whats your best trick in the game? Feel free to share that in the comments! 😊


By Dan

Swedish, preschool teacher, learning more about life and myself every single day!

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