Today ima just share a problem i have with myself.

So this havent really been an problem for me until this year really, this year have changed alot but mainly in the form of how i think about myself and things like that.

But now i started noticing my own indecisiveness more and more and it kinda makes me question everything i do on a daily basis.

I have great friends who i talk to every day, i have amazing friends i talk to once a week etc i am greatful that i have them all bit i wonder how annoyed they really are about my indecisiveness cause i been reflecting and i been indecisive for aslong as i known them. So i am pretty sure they one way or another have encountered and been annoyed at it. I just havent been thinking and reflecting on it like i have this past year.

I have been trying to think and reflect on simple choises i done and come to the conclusion i normally pick a choise that one way or another make me feel like “was this the right choise?”

I will probably always be one way or another indecisive but i am working on myself to be more decisive in choises.

Have a good weekend everyone!


By Dan

Swedish, preschool teacher, learning more about life and myself every single day!

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