Thursday the dream chocked me awake…

So today started on kinda a bad side.. I had a dream were i went on holiday, i am not sure what country but it was warm and really enjoyable. Everything was fine and that was such a nice dream.

But even nice dreams can turn bad in a blink of an eye… cause in the next second i stood at the door facing a balcony, enjoying the setting sun WHEN i noticed something slowly crawling up the edge of the door..

I saw legs, claws and a tail, i knew within miliseconds that it was a scorpion crawling… I jumped outside onto the balcony and my friend hit the scorpion so it fell down onto the balcony floor. THEN it rushed towards me and thats when i woke up with me jumping in my bed…

I normally dont have these types of dreams, nor do i remember them but this was so vivid it freaked me out..

But yea hopefully i wont dream about scorpions again…


By Dan

Swedish, preschool teacher, learning more about life and myself every single day!

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