Friday a stress inducing day on many levels.

Today started at 8am with me waking up and started working on last minute fact checking for the biology exam that we want to have done by next week. So that was the start and i also knew that at 9:30 I was gonna do my other assignment wich we also wanna be done with next week…

Then i got home had a 5 minute lunch before rushing off to the train. 2 hours of biology exam writing and fact checking later i go home.

Then finally at 4:15pm it was off again to meet family to celibrate a birthday, and then i got home and went to bed.

Today broke me, i know i dont handle stress all that well and today was one of those days that i do encounter but I DONT want more of these days for the next year.

Next week is the last lecture for this year and then ima focus on my examination paper for 2 weeks before we go back and finish this semester, and start the 5th semester!


By Dan

Swedish, preschool teacher, learning more about life and myself every single day!

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