Wednesday the lecture in chemistry was a pain…

Today was lecture day since its wednesday so i went by train at 7 BUT it was delayed for 15 minutes until it came. Then i had 30 minutes to get to the lecture room. But the lecture started with physics and it was really nice!

Then we got to the second lecture in chemistry and i dont know the most about chemistry and if im gonna be honest i am not horribly intressted in it but its a fun subject non the less. BUT the speed of the lecture was crazy and i think i didnt learn more then that everything is containing particles and atoms are made of these particles..

These are lecture that are supposed to prepare us for the big exam in 2 weeks but i am unsure if i will pass it, but next week ima start cram for these exams and then i will just pray i pass it! Nomore to do then hope that i will pass the exams else i just got to do retakes next year!

Well that was as exciting as my day was!


By Dan

Swedish, preschool teacher, learning more about life and myself every single day!

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