Yes and not you might be wondering about why this post is called “IS IT ALIVE AGAIN?!?!” Well i will explain the reasoning about this title!

Today at 10am i got a pm on discord wich asked if i needed help with my old crappy broken computer. I said yes cause i dont know how to fix it!

I had to explain my problem and what i suspected was the cause and then he started to go on the computer using team viewer and do alot of stuff checking problem areas error codes and more!

He quickly told me he was gonna uninstall 5 programs i had on the computer and replace them with better ones that would not be so resource heavy on this rather old computer!

The first programs he removed was the antivirus wich he said used way to much resources and ram. So he exchanged it for a less resource needed one!

He kept checking and uninstalling programs that was just taking up space. After 1 hour the computer crashed with the same error as before! (Stripes covering the screen and i am forced to force shut it down!) So that i did and restarted it, it was now 11am and with the restart the repair and scan of the drives started. This took 3 hours so at 2pm it finished that and to our surprice nothing was wrong with the drives!!

He continued uninstalling browser plugins and some other random unneccesary programs and boom he restarted the comp! (Before a restart would take estimate of 3.5 minutes, now 1 min 22 seconds) an amazing improvement! He installed the last things and a new antivirus and a resource checking program and then he was done and everything worked! I tried launching the important programs and boom it worked! This old computer was now up and running smoothly and alot faster then before!

So now i hope you understand the subject of todays title and i hope your day been as awesome as mine have!


By Dan

Swedish, preschool teacher, learning more about life and myself every single day!

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