Wednesday trucks, snow and more..

Today started early, and it was snowing like crazy, from the looks 10+ cm of snow had fell.. All the roads was filled with snow and the traffic was chaotic! Trucks was in the ditches, couldnt climb the long hills..

So i got to my internship just to switch cars to go to another town to meet others and have a day with discussions. But this journey started good but 5 minutes in we noticed that there was a line forming, and we saw that trucks where stuck in the left field.. But there was also a truck on our side and it didnt move… So now we werent moving.

On the road there was 4 people running around with shovels with sand that was poured at the trucks wheels to help it move forward. But we where stuck for 40 minutes and then a girl in orange walked over to the owner of the truck on our side, two minutes later the truckdriver jumped into his truck and started driving, the line was now moving again and suddenly we noticed that there was NO cars infront of this truck.. He had now kept the traffic from running for over 40 minutes and yea good job!

The rest of the day went past fine and tomorrow its Thursday! Such an eventful day hope all of you had an amazing day!


By Dan

Swedish, preschool teacher, learning more about life and myself every single day!