Monday a day of reflective thoughts.

Todays post will contain how i been feeling today, since it is something i cant really control or have control over i think it should be written down here in todays post.

I should have been studying today, i will be reading after i get off my computer today. But i have not had any motivation today to study whatsoever and the reason is the thoughs that have been in my head all day today.

I have been watching The umbrella academy and the good witch today all day. The good witch gave me the deepest thoughts and emotions and i cracked. It is funny how much a serie can reflect my own thoughts and feelings in a way. But it is also true that i am trying to get to knock these thoughts away, but the question is if i really should. I do wonder are these thoughts not a part of who i am? Can i really just reject them from my own mind? These thoughts and feelings i have bubbling deep under is there for a reason.

There are days which are great and there are days which are less good, today been a less good day. But what say that tomorrow wont be better. We will see tomorrow as i and alot of us takes one day at a time.

I will also leave 2 really good songs that both reflect how i feel today enjoy!


By Dan

Swedish, preschool teacher, learning more about life and myself every single day!

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