Sunday and tomorrow marks the start of the third semester!

Yepp i cant believe it has been a year already since i started studying.. It feels surreal and it is only 5 semesters left (2.5 years) of studies to go!

But this will be one of the more harder ones i can feel it, but i am going in with my mind saying “just take one step at a time” the first subjects are: Music, Dance and Math this is for 2 weeks before we start other things like literacy and internship.

But i will be doing my best and summer break is starting week 22! So not alot of weeks left and i will as said earlier take 1 step at a time!

I have all the books i need until Summer so that is awesome and then i start the 4th Semester IF i am lucky to get a passing grade in the retake i sent in… if not then well i will have a whole year of waiting until i can try again 😥

But the goal is not to let it get that bad!

But now lets take one step and one day at a time!