Sunday, snow and ice

Today started nicely, woke up stayed in bed for an extra 30 minutes cause i could and then out and did groceries. Cause i needed ingrediences for the meatloaf that was gonna be todays lunch. 

It was only -3 degrees celsius so the air was pretty nice, the issue is not the cold air or the snow but what happends after the small rain that came yesterday did to the asfalt, there was ice pretty much everywhere! So had to take it slowly not to fall.. 

After lunch i almost fell asleep. I was so tired… But no nap for me, even tho i feel like i could sleep for a few years to be honest.. Well tomorrow i will finish my retake exam and also prepare for wednesdays lecture. Wich will be the last lecture for this year! Then its home studies until around mid January. 

I picked up playing Assassins Creed Odyssey again and i havent gotten really far only gotten to Olympia wich looked awesome in the game, well to be honest alot and i mean alot in the game looks awesome in the game.

Well tomorrow is Monday and that means a new week! 


By Dan

Swedish, preschool teacher, learning more about life and myself every single day!

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