Life is not always fair.

So we all know the saying “Life is never fair” but i do try and look at it differently, hence the title “Life is not always fair” the reason behind this title is cause this past week have been upside down in alot of ways and i gone through alot of feelings. So let me write down a small layout of my past week has been.

Last weekend one of my friends left the worldly life and left us all with confusion and sadness. Was also waiting for the grade for an exam we did in early October wich i got Monday evening, i passed it thankfully. But even tho i have a passing grade im still sad about my friend and cant really focus on the joy and happiness of this, but the week continues and i found out we have an exam that is due date in a little over a week from today!

So while i really should fight to finish the exam i have little to no motivation currently to do so, BUT i will be working on the exam tomorrow anyway since i know myself that IF i just sit down and work on it i will finish it fairly fast.

So why did i REALLY make this website/blog when my friend now has past away? well i felt a surge in me that to cope with all the emotions and sadness. I wanted a place where i can take all these feelings and turn it into something positive and here i am working on a website about pieces that are all part of my life!

Some might ask “But Dan why are u writing in English and not Swedish? well reason is i have alot of friends who are from outside Sweden and all over the world so this is for all of them!

Also most browsers nowadays have a built in translator so IF you need this translated use that and u can get a rough translation of this wall of text.

Thanks for reading!




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