Tuesday the results came back and its…

So yea today 6am i woke up to my phone going off, cause i forgot to turn off my alarm yesterday so yay early start i guess! But yea i also saw i had a text message telling me my pcr test results were done so it was just to login on the website and read them..

So yea im not happy with the results as it read:

Your result from your pcr test is: POSITIVE for covid 19…

So yea this confirms that i now have covid and that i should stay isolated for atleast 5 days minimum and 48 hours feverfree. So yay well its not surpricing me that i got it since its spreading like a wildfire all over sweden now..

But yea i called my mom and told her i have it and that i now need to ask them to keep ontop aswell if they get any symptoms, since i have met them only briefly but i still have met them. I also had to call my boss and work to inform those about this. So yea this was just a waiting timebomb before i would catch it.

What is ironic is that later today i also got the text that its now time to book a time for the 3rd vaccine shot for covid 19. But yea that will be abit later so i can atleast go through this first..

But yea now ima spend the next few days if not the rest of the week on my sofa and bed and just drift in and out of sleep…

Stay safe and soon maybe we will be through the worst part of this!


By Dan

Swedish, preschool teacher, learning more about life and myself every single day!

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