Monday early start and something felt off today…

Yes today started at 03:55, such a good time.. maybe not!

I felt more tired then the other weeks have felt, and i even sleept an hour longer then usual..

I got to my internship and it felt like something was off with me or the interior, i dont know why but i sat and looked at a shelf for approximatly 5 minutes and i could not figure out why..

The rest of the day flew by, but something in the back of my head something felt off and i still dont know what did.

My bus that takes me to the train station and i switch to train was abit delayed (5 minutes) and the driver was unsure if i would get to the station on time. (Made it with 2 minutes to spare!)

Tomorrow is Tuesday and i will be preparing some stuff for Thursday. But it feels weird its the last proper week for my internship 3 weeks have really flew by.

But now ima call it a day and get some sleep in before a new exciting day tomorrow!


By Dan

Swedish, preschool teacher, learning more about life and myself every single day!

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