Monday planing planing and a rush to the bus!

Today was another day when i was on the opening shift, and that is before 6am. It is good tho i myself feel more energized for a few hours when i only sleep less then 6 hours. But today i planing abit extra for tomorrow, when im doing a fun activity for the kids. There will be music to put focus on different areas of the story im telling.

But i got stuck talking for abit to long so i left my internship 6 minutes later then i planned… So that meant i had to run down to the bus. (Normally the time with fast walking speed is roughly 12 minutes.) I was there in 7 minutes and i still had 2 minutes to spare, before the bus came.

Took the bus for 5 minutes go of and waited for a train. When i got home it was time to do some grocery shopping and do the final polishing of the activity plan.

Well that was my day and i had problems catching my breath and coughing for the rest of the day (8-9 hours)


By Dan

Swedish, preschool teacher, learning more about life and myself every single day!

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