Tuesday early start and a long day.

Today was quite an intressting one, I woke up at 6am when i didnt have to but it was a good thing i woke up as early as i did cause i was called in earlier! i was supposed to start working at 9 but i went in earlier cause i had to. It was all fine but it was a draining day anyway cause the day just went so slow for some reason.

I still have been drained from yesterdays early work so im still not quite recovered. But tomorrow is probably the last work day until later this month but we will see.

I switched a shift tomorrow so i took the closing shift again cause it was the easiest solution for tomorrow. We will see what tomorrow brings but we will see that tomorrow!

Now ima give up for today and i hope your Tuesday and even the start of this week have been good to ya!

On Sunday i go on vacation trip aswell so i hope that will be 3 days of hopefully relaxing days so i feel refreshed for the coming studies in a few weeks!

I have also gotten contacted by someone who has all the books for the next semester to sell so thats awesome!

Have a great continuation of this Tuesday!


By Dan

Swedish, preschool teacher, learning more about life and myself every single day!

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