Saturday i finally can stop worry about spoilers and trailers!

Yes yesterday was all about two of the biggest movies i been waiting for the past year! I will write my thoughts of the movie but no spoiler since i dont wanna ruin the movies for anyone else!

The first movie i watched yesterday was detective Pikachu!

Since i have the game and i loved the detective pikachu game i knew all about the permiss of what the movie was going about. But i gotta say that it mixed and matched the movie really well. The story still goes around the Pikachu and the boy!

It is a nice story, and have some really emotional scenes that touched my pokémon loving heart. At some points i got flashbacks to the first pokémon movie “Mewtwo strikes back” it touched me in the right places of my heart.

I was worried about the clipping of the movie but it was really nicely clipped and put together. Since it is 1 hour and 44 minutes long i gotta say it feels like a short movie, i really enjoyed the whole plot and story in the movie. If you love pokémon then this will peak your intresst cause they really did an outstanding job on the animations of the pokémon! I saw some of my absolute favorite pokémons in this movie and i gotta say they looked real and im so happy that i watched this movie! Also gotta say that Ryan Renolds played the part of Pikachu really nicely!

The second movie is one of the biggest happenings of the year and it already made $2.33 billion in box office around the world! I am talking about Avengers Endgame!

It starts pretty much where infinity war ended off. This movie i have evaded as much as possible, tho i seen some images going around BUT no mayor spoilers have i seen so i was really happy when i went and watched this without knowing much about it!

I am so happy to finally have seen it cause it is really a nice movie that tells the whole story of what we can expect from a title “endgame”.

There was several scenes in the movie that moved my emotions, but after leaving the theater i felt calm and happy knowing that this movie really lived up to the title of endgame. I know it seems i repeat the word engame alot but i cant explain it in any other way!

The story revolves around how the heroes will fix the horrible things that has happend and also find a way to trust old friends again. Well in this movie you find out how deep friendship is and how far you sometimes has to go as a hero in order to save the world that you live in.

This movie was 3 hours long and to my surprise it both doesnt feel like 3 hours but it feels like its 3 hours in the same time. Towards the end in some epic amazing scenes i was yawning cause i was mentally tired but my body was all sitting tense listening and watching what was going on the screen!

I do hope IF you gonna watch 2 movies this year then these should be on the list to watch! Atleast if you are a marvel and pokémon fan then this is the top 2 to go and watch!


By Dan

Swedish, preschool teacher, learning more about life and myself every single day!

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