Wednesday last day for internship abit melancholy feeling.

Today was the last day of the internship, it feels crazy that 4.5 weeks have already gone by and it feels like i started it yesterday like really i have had such an amazing time there and i will miss them all. If everything goes according to the plan i will be back there next spring (2021) so that makes me feel abit better!

This morning i got my mentors grading of my performans on my time there and i passed with no problems! It has been such a fun and educational time, also i think i laughed every single day cause they are just awesome people there!

Tomorrow tho i am gonna sleep in for once and then write or start writing the report that i need to send in to uni to pass this course completely. It isnt a big written exam tho its only 1-1.2k words so nothing mayor and is doable withour issues.

But next week is two days at uni and then one day with lecture by computer. But that will probably just fly by aswell and then it will be back to lecture every wednesday for 2 weeks before we have home assignments to do before this semester ends on week 3 next year.

Now im taking an early night so hope you have a great evening/morning or day whereever you are!


By Dan

Swedish, preschool teacher, learning more about life and myself every single day!

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