Pokemon Nuzlocks

Yet another side project! On this page i will be sharing my starter, my team, my “dead” members and backups. I will also be providing information on what a Nuzlock is, what rules is for the nuzlock and how this will happend.

What is a Nuzlock? And what rules are there?

A nuzlock is a challenge in Pokemon games that alot of players do, in the nuzlock challenge you can ONLY catch the first encounter in the route! If your Pokemon faint it gets classified as “dead” and you have to either release or put it in storage to never touch it again!

How will my nuzlock happend?

I will be doing a weekly/subdaily stream 1 hour/day or week starting on the 17th of March! You can watch the streams over on my twitch channel: https://twitch.tv/Danwolfmoon

Pokemon Platinum

My Team

Pokemon in my standby box!

Pokemon that are in the “death” box