Faded Memories

Hello and welcome to the page for one of my biggest projects that i will keep working with during all of the year of 2020! Down below follows a summary of what this project is and what my goal for it is!

What is Faded Memories?

Faded memories is a mystery RPG (Roll Playing Game).

What is the object with Faded Memories?

You play as a young kid that were living with your sibling in a small house at the edge of a big forest that your family have been protecting for several decades. Your sibling and you always had a dream of going to the city that lies just by the edge of the horizon. But before your parents dissapeared and you and your sibling were left alone to fend for yourself, they did say to NEVER go near or enter the city! Your sibling went out one day while you were sleeping and now YOU need to uncover what has really happend to your sibling!

My personal goal with Faded Memories is also to create a game that will be an adventure for everyone!

When can i play this game?

You will be able to play it when i have finished it hopefully sometime 2021, this project will take some time as it is a learning situation for me and i am alone working on this!

How can I follow this project?

The easiest way to follow this project development is by do one of two things!

  1. Join the dedicated discord server that was made for this project! You can join by clicking this invite link:
  2. You can hit the follow button on the twitter page that is made for this project! You can find the page here:

Here is an image of how the game roughly looks currently!