Faded Memories

Hello and welcome to the page for one of my biggest projects that i will keep working on! Down below follows a summary of what this project is and what my goal for it is!

What is Faded Memories?

Faded memories is a VN (Visual Novel Game). NOW AVAILIBLE FOR DOWNLOAD: https://fadedmemories.itch.io/faded-memories-vn

What is the object with Faded Memories?

Faded memories (VN) is a visual novel about a young boy named Loi (temporary name) who one day wakes up to find out that his brother has gone missing. 

Where this brother is and what has happend while you were sleeping  there is no real answer, is your brother okay?  Who is the mysterious voices that keeps appearing?  And how big is this forest which seem to be endless? 

Well will you be able to unravel the mysteries of the forest and your brothers dissapearance? Or will you end up getting lost on your way? Only you get to decide what this adventure holds for you!

My personal goal with Faded Memories is also to create a game that will be an adventure for everyone!

When can i play this game?

Faded Memories is currently in development and will be released chapterwise, with each chapter being released every 1-2 months depending on my workload!

Where can I learn more about the characters in the game?

The characters are currently in the process of being drafted and will be availible for view soon! I will add in character bios as the characters gets added to the game on https://danwolfmoon.com/character-bios/

How can I follow this project?

The easiest way to follow this project development is by do one of two things!

  1. Join the dedicated discord server that was made for this project! You can join by clicking this invite link:
  2. You can hit the follow button on the twitter page that is made for this project! You can find the page here:
  3. You can follow the official itch.io page here:

Here is an image of how the games starting screen looks currently!

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