About Me


This website will feature my daily life. You will see my success, my struggles and everything in between on this website. You will see my emotions, my personality through my posts and I hope you will enjoy the blogposts I write every day!

Who am i?

My name is Daniel but mostly called Dan in online circles, I am have a bachelor degree in younger kids education. I am a preschool teacher and  I am also a gamer who enjoys a wide variety of games, the list of games I own can be found here: My Games

What do i enjoy?

I love playing games ranging from mmorpgs all the way to card games. I really enjoy going to the theaters and watch movies on the big screen together with others. As of 2020 i am developing my own game that i plan on releasing in the future!

How often do i blog?

The blog will be updated daily or as often as possible, I try and not make the time between blogposts go by 2 days! If a day is missed I will write about the missed day so you can call this a daily to bi-daily blog!

Plans for the blog now that I finished my bachelor?

I plan to keep doing blogposts everyday, share my life as my journey towards new things comes and goes. I am planing to share more future plans on the blog as the time progress but first I will have to get used to my new fulltime workpace and then after I will be able to set aside time for more plans!


Thank you for stopping by my website and I hope to see you come around from time to time looking!
If you want to contact me you can either join my discord server:

You can also submit an email to me on danwolfmoon@hotmail.com but DO NOT write a short email with an hi or something small like that describe exactly why you are emailing me (Yes I read all mails I get and if it seems like a bot have sent the email I ignore it!)

I wish you a good morning/day/evening/night to you that is reading this!


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