Website updates

Here follows a list of current changes done to the website!

  • Added This page on the 6th of November 2018.
  • Added Monster Hunter: World screen shot(only 1 more coming soon) to Pictures on 9th of November.
  • Updated My Games With the new games i have gotten.
  • Movies have been updated with all 2018 movies with their story!
  • MoviesAnime & My Games have been updated with new information!
  • Guides have been removed for now since i dont have time.
  • Movies have been updated with all 2017 year movie stories!

Changes that are coming!

  • Adding summary to all games and movies on My Games and Movies
  • Updating the background picture every month with a new image.
  • Adding several game guides to Guides
  • Updating the Contact me page with additional information.